Ultimate Travel Gear Guide

Many of you have been asking about my travel gear. So I’ve put together this page to share my long-term travel packing list. Obviously you want to use high-quality, lightweight & durable stuff. 

The gear I use may not work for everyone. I carry extra electronic equipment to maintain this travel blog, and some camping equipment for the nights I choose to spend trekking up mountains, hitchhiking long distance, or exploring rainforests on my own. 

All travelers have different tastes & requirements while on the road. The following gear list is just what I’ve found works best for my particular travel style. 

While I often travel on an extreme budget, my gear can be expensive. I want it to be functional, multi-purpose, comfortable, and very tough. I don’t want to keep replacing worn-out equipment every few months — plus I have a slight obsession with keeping travel gear as lightweight as possible!


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