Creativity is the first step of the quality process. Rocco Adriano Galluccio has the ability to combine curiosity, new ideas and cultural interest for his Neapolitan roots with a strong sense of fashion and style, and, most of all, care to details. This has made Alcoolique one of the most interesting emerging brands Made in Italy, and captured the attention of Italian magazines such as Vogue, Marie Claire, and Elle.

Rocco Adriano Galluccio’s flair, coupled with his extraordinary charisma, continues to attract people who want to work with him in different creative fields.

Brand profile

Alcoolique is a fashion brand born in 2011 and created by Rocco Adriano Galluccio.

With unique attention to details, a peculiar research on materials and colors, as well as handmade prints, Alcoolique is a kaleidoscopic, edgy world capable of catching the public interest and attention.
By choosing Alcoolique clothes, women know they express themselves and their femininity, with a touch of sexy and strength.

Alcoolique’s goal is to bring the Neapolitan sartorial craftsmanship to the contemporary world of fashion, using only Italian textiles and tailors, empowering the Made in Italy culture in the world.
Everything is mixed in a new and explosive sensuality, which establishes a new way to explore, cover and uncover bodies.

Designer profile

Rocco Adriano Galluccio was born in Caserta in 1986. Since he was a baby he showed an innate sense for style and photography.

At the early age of 8, he helps his uncle to develop pictures in the dark room. At 16, he started a carrier in styling, working with many Neapolitan photographers and agencies.

While studying, he launches a t-shirt collection, Roch Adrien Coquelet, which captured the attention of Neapolitan djs and clubbers.

After graduating in Industrial Design for Fashion, he moved to Milan, where he started working with national and international brands, and then he moved to Bali, Indonesia, where he developed a new, cosmopolitan taste.

After coming back to Italy, feeling ready to build his own brand, he decided to create Alcoolique, a project dedicated to sensuality and femininity mixed with couture details.

In 2014 participated to the TV Show “PROJECT RUNWAY Italia”. This experience increases the knowledge and the visibility of the designer and the brand.


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