24 Thrifty Tricks For The Penny Pincher In All Of Us

“Penny Pincher” is considered a derogatory term, but all it really means is you’re constantly on the lookout for ways to save a little money where you can. Stacey over at trendsandideas.com has posted about 24 awesome tricks to save you money, none of which you should be ashamed of using today! To see them all, just click the link below:

Almost all of us have had at least one time in our lives when money was so tight we were scrimping on necessities just to pay the rent. Many of us have had more than one time. And even if you can afford the necessities, money can still be too tight to buy things you might really want every now and then.

There are plenty of tricks you can use to save a few dollars here and there so you don’t need to sacrifice those small pleasures in life or so you can keep a roof over your head AND food on the table. Check these out.

1. Reuse Starbucks Cups


No one at Starbucks wants to touch your dirty, stained three-month old cup. But if you take care of it, often the staff will overlook the fact free fills are only technically available after you’ve purchased something that day and refill your empty cup when you stop in.

2. Reload Starbucks Gift Cards

Reloading your Starbucks gift card can also grant you free rewards.

3. Share Wi-Fi

 Split WiFi with roommates or neighbors to cut down on the cost.

4. Threaten to Cancel your Cable

Often (not always) if you call your cable company saying you are going to cancel your cable because you’ve found a better rate, they will offer you a discount. This works best when you can quote them actual prices from other companies.

5. Cancel Your Cable

If money is really tight, you may need to bite the bullet and actually cancel your cable. However, cable companies often offer deals to new customers, so if you have a roommate, he or she may be able to sign up for cable again at that discounted rate.

6. Buy Gift Cards Online

Gift card outlets (or the company in question’s website) often sell gift cards for less than their face value.

7. Use Google Voice

Google Voice works as well as a cell phone and is free.

8. Go to Stylists-in-Training

Stylists-in-training need real people to practice haircuts on. You can often get great cuts for a fraction of the price.

9. Fix It Yourself Via YouTube

Check Youtube for tutorials if something breaks before you call someone out to fix it.

10. DIY Recycle with YouTube

YouTube also has a plethora of tutorials on how to upcycle and recycle common objects into useful items.

11. Check out For Sale Facebook Groups

Facebook groups like Hey, It’s Free! offer great deals and free stuff.

12. Investigate Clearance Items

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