7 Wonders Geological of The 7 Continents

Will it at any time stop the character in order to surprise us all which consists of like a charm? Problably not really because it ended up being accessible virtually five billion dollars a long time in order to incorporate the unique natural splendor and has not really ceased the task. Earth’s pure like a charm are generally endless however we all will minimize these times upon each one great geological all of eight continents on the planet.  

Indicate arches, Utah, US, The united states

Arches National Car park is located near the community associated with Moab, Utah, western United states of america. The site will be recognized across the country in addition to around the globe, especially with the area referred to as the actual Demon yard, as a result of an amazing quantity of natural stone in addition to sandstone arches formed by simply erosion. Many of these arches go away as a result of erosion, in order to failure, however often many new kinds to consider the location. The number of known and visited arcade is estimated between 900 and 2,000, and the highest rises to 88 meters in dry air of the desert in Utah. The park occupies an area of 309 square kilometers, the region being declared a “natural monument“ in 1929 and “national park“ in 1971. Scobie, gradually and steadily drift sand and rare Desert Storm, over thousands and tens of thousands of years, the arcades are a testament, perennial and changing in its constancy, the size of Earth’s geological movement in full.

 Salt Desert, Bolivia, South America

When Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first people to pass on the Moon on 20 July 1969, one of the first sights that met their eyes on them after the Earth was desert Salar de Uyuni. As Earth rotated, the two were probably captured by a white patch lying along the lower part of South America, which I initially thought the ice. It was, in fact, Bolivian desert Salar de Uyuni, a little known, but spread over an area of ​​approximately 8,000 square miles, covered with cactus, rainwater lagoons and especially ten billion tons of salt.
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Since then, the field of salt remained a largely forgotten corner, the one of the most isolated and inaccessible plateaus of the world, a wandering trip destination by Chilean border, located far away from the capital of Bolivia, La Paz.It is a unique panorama, surreal, an empty white field that intainde infinite. During the rainy season, an impressive optical illusion occurs when water forms on the surface like a mirror reflecting salt sky. Nobody lives in the heart of this desert. First, there is no vegetation, and salt poisoning every drop of water on its surface. Over the plateau there is no sign of industry or development, only sporadic strings to the edges brown huts, whose poor indigenous families host small room, with sunburnt skin, living here for generations.  

Eye Sahara, Mauritania, Africa

The structure known as Rich, it bizarre circular formation, asemenatoare an eyeball, the lands west of the Sahara, has been widely unknown to the astronauts, orbiting the planet have not looked in detail what appeared to be a huge eyes that watch them on Earth. Considered at first a meteorite crater, the party with a diameter of 50 km could not be more than a rocky outcrop produced by erosion or volcanic dome, a geological artifact Maur Adrar Desert in the middle. The latest space missions use it as a landmark, SUV enthusiasts adventurers with him as “place to play,” and scientists still debate on the origins. A meteorite impact theory does not explain the flattening of the floor “crater,” so widely accepted explanation remains erosion that would be “peeled“ gradual layers of rock, creating the present shape of the inside similar to an onion. In totally surprising, there is even a kind of complex, a hotel in mid-Rich Structure. Nothing luxurious, but adequate to tourists and travelers that come through the wilderness unfussy Western Sahara.  

Gateway to Hell Namaskaro, Iceland, Europe

Iceland abounds in huge geographical miracles. Namaskaro Pass, located north of Lake Myvatn, the hottest thermal water in the country, is one of them. Namafjall Mount Crossing, at an altitude of 410 meters, it houses a huge transient crater, steam springs inhabited by vierbinti called Hverarond or Hverir. Here you can admire a number of furnaces volcanic smoke, “pools“ of mud volcanoes noroisi all seemed to boil with endless energy. Namaskaro gained notoriety mainly due to the sulphurous mud springs, called solfatare, and steam vents, known as blast furnaces.Although it is hard to find a source of pure water, drinking, Icelandic geothermal site in this beautiful, beauty and colors of minerals defies comparison.
There Are Seven Wonders Of The Ancient World
Gigantic size of the craters of mud shock and parking, accommodation and meals can be found in the facilities of nearby Grytubakki. Another detail that impresses the Namaskaro is total lack of vegetation. It is a logical feature of the place, but impressive. Constant smoke and sulfur emissions were made ​​sterile and acid soil here, improper maintenance of any form of flora or fauna. Should not be neglected any potential harmful effect of these substances on humans. It is recommended to protect the face and nose even with a mask or a scarf and attention to walking. Ironically, if we think the name “cool“ Iceland is one of the most active volcanic countries in terms. One of the most powerful volcanic events in the history modenra first, the 1783 eruption of the Laki volcanic system caused the death by starvation of up to 25% of Iceland‘s population and led to loss of larger parts of wildlife the country.

 Reed Flute Cave, Guilin, China, Asia

 Has existed for over 180 million years ago was discovered more than 1,000 years. Located five kilometers northwest of the city of Guilin, Reed Flute Cave and the Palace of Natural Arts is a bright and colorful cave, marked in almost all travel itineraries. The cave got its name from raw reed that grows at the entrance, which people used to made ​​flutes and whistles. Inside the caves eroded by water reveals a variety of spectacular world of huge stalactites, pillars of limestone and rock formations created by depositing salt of carbonic acid.Light flooded artificially colored, geological wonder reopened public visits in 1962, offers its fantastic performance in many variations over the 240 meters who travel by underground. Visiting the cave takes about an hour. And, according to Chinese custom, each faction here has a legend or poetic name such as Crystal Palace, Dragon Pagoda, Forest Virginia, Flower and Fruit Mountain. The story behind each name is always a fascinating. Crystal Palace of Dragon King is one of the large rooms of the cave, which can support up to 1,000 people and has been used as a shelter from air raids during the Second World War. The interior walls are engraved some 70 inscriptions which are said to have travel stories and poems of the Tang dynasty, which made the time to cave into a place of pilgrimage. It was built specifically around the cave, a park with pavilions Elegant helesteuri and bridges, plants and gardens.  

Jewelry Devil, Australia

 The genesis of Aboriginal Australians, the Rainbow Serpent shaped the earth and then retreated to a point in the east Kimberleys region, where rainbow intertwine with the ground, and he deposited eggs. They were fossilized and became what natives call Karlukarlu and the rest of humanity known as the Devil’s jewelry. Because of this legend, the Devil has a reserve jewelry spiritual significance and is a sacred site for the natives.
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Specifically, the name designates a collection of huge stones, rounded and reddish, located in the Northern Territory Tennant Creek region of Australia. It is of granite rocks of volcanic origin, eroded over time in the form and formation that is today. Wind, water, temperature and sunlight, all conspire to erosion and occasionally even split underlying massive ovoid, individually or in groups along vai.Unele huge stones up to seven meters in diameter and all are older than about 1.7 billion years. Devil Jewel Reserve covers an area of ​​1828 hectares.  

Ice towers on Mount Erebus, Antarctica

Hundreds of lofty towers of ice on the peaks are up to 3810 m altitude of Mount Erebus, Antarctica. Permanently active volcano is probably the only place where fire and ice frozen continent meet, mix and create something unique, which inherits the traits of both parents. Towers may be high up to 20 meters and seem almost alive when steam and smoke puffed out some waves at the South Pole sky. Part of volcanic steam Inge on the inside of furnaces, rising them and making them. If the Antarctic ice towers seem detached from another world, well, the comparison is very good as similar structures exist on the months of Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune. Of course, those are not penguins or something like them to survive while attending the fantastic show.


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